The Lockdown

So the Covid-19 virus as come to visit and is causing panic and mayhem in its wake. As a family who is taking this lockdown very seriously … we, as a family thought that we would share with you our day to day life and how we are getting through these dark times. We hope that our little corner of the internet brings you some comfort. Comfort in knowing that you are not alone. We’ll get through this together!

The Lockdown – Day 8: The Boredom Is Starting To Sink In

The Lockdown – Day 7: 7 Is A Lucky Number Right?

The Lockdown – Day 6: Thank You NHS!

The Lockdown – Day 5: Has It Only Been 5 Days Already?

The Lockdown – Day 4: When You Just Can’t Be Bothered

The Lockdown – Day 3: Homeschooling Is Harder Than It Looks

The Lockdown – Day 2: Vietnamese Rice Rolls In Session

The Lockdown – Day 1: Anxiety and Bread

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