Grandad’s Garlic Chicken Wings

Grandad’s Garlic Chicken Wings So this recipe is not actually my grandad’s recipe but my father-in-law’s recipe so it is Skye and Devon’s grandad’s recipe. (Phew! There’s a mouthful!). We call this “Yeye’s Chicken Wings” which literally translates as Grandad’s chicken wings. My FIL (Father-In-Law) has been making these chicken wings for years and weContinue reading “Grandad’s Garlic Chicken Wings”

The Lockdown – Day 11: Breathe and Relax

31st March 2020 – Tuesday Ah yes, it’s the end of the month and that means payday for me! I am one of the fortunate ones who still gets a salary even though I am self-isolating. I’m grateful for that. Today we started off with some home-schooling. Skye wrote a spooky short story about aContinue reading “The Lockdown – Day 11: Breathe and Relax”