The Lockdown – Week 5: Birthday Week

24th April 2020 – Friday It’s my son’s birthday tomorrow … He’s going to be 9! He calls it his birthday week as he wants to celebrate it for the whole week. Talk about milk it … but it sucks having a birthday during lockdown, it really does – so he is forgiven. Every yearContinue reading “The Lockdown – Week 5: Birthday Week”

The Lockdown – Day 30: What A Month It Has Been

19th April 2020 – Monday Today marks a month of lockdown. A month where me and the family have been at home. A month of tension and anxiety … not knowing when this is going to end. I know it has to end sometime, but the uncertainty is causing me distress. Today I made someContinue reading “The Lockdown – Day 30: What A Month It Has Been”

The Lockdown – Day 29: Sat … ur … day!

18th April 2020 – Saturday I woke up at 6:15am this morning. I’ve haven’t woken up that early on a weekend for such a long time. The only reason why I woke up that early was because I was expecting my Ocado grocery delivery. My hubby thought it was a good idea to pick anContinue reading “The Lockdown – Day 29: Sat … ur … day!”

The Lockdown – Day 28: Fri-Yay Takeaway!!!

17th April 2020 – Friday It’s Fri-Yay!! Oh wait, that doesn’t actually mean anything to me right now. How are we all today? I had a restless night … I kept waking up coughing up phlegm. The thing I’ve noticed with my asthma is that it changes depending on the weather. The last week orContinue reading “The Lockdown – Day 28: Fri-Yay Takeaway!!!”

The Lockdown – Day 27: BBQ Ready

16th April 2020 – Thursday I woke up this morning forgetting that I had a work telephone meeting via the tele-kit. Eeeek … so I quickly dialled in and listen to people I don’t know asking questions about the current issue of people not working due to isolation. It was actually very interesting, although IContinue reading “The Lockdown – Day 27: BBQ Ready”

The Lockdown – Day 26: The Midweek Special

15th April 2020 – Wednesday I’m feeling a bit better today. I think I am learning to stress less about the things I can’t control and believe in the notion that everything will be ok … it’s got to be ok right? I kept myself busy today and again spent the day in the kitchen.Continue reading “The Lockdown – Day 26: The Midweek Special”

The Lockdown – Day 25: What Day Is It Again?

14th April 2020 – Tuesday We are now on the way to day 25 of this nonsense … I mean lockdown. Are we seeing any improvements in numbers? I don’t think so. It’s getting tiresome now. I really want to go hangout with my friends, go on a day trip somewhere … go get aContinue reading “The Lockdown – Day 25: What Day Is It Again?”

The Lockdown – Day 24: A Chill In The Air

13th April 2020 – Monday Easter Monday! It’s Bank Holiday Monday aka Easter Monday. This is the first year that I forgot to get Easter eggs for the kids. I totally forgot but you know what, they weren’t that bothered anyway. As a matter of fact they don’t even eat their eggs – I recentlyContinue reading “The Lockdown – Day 24: A Chill In The Air”

The Lockdown – Day 23: Happy Easter Sunday

12th April 2020 – Sunday Happy Easter Sunday! Ok, my anxiety is somewhat over. I didn’t sleep very well – but I’m ok. I did wake up with a headache and super tired. Gosh, what a time to suffer from anxiety and mental health problems eh? Here’s a little bit about my anxiety and mentalContinue reading “The Lockdown – Day 23: Happy Easter Sunday”

The Lockdown – Day 22: Anxiety and Burgers

11th April 2020 – Saturday I’m feeling extensive anxiety this evening  … the current situation with the coronavirus seems to be getting out of control and I am continuously thinking about what would happen if I catch it? What would it feel like? Will staying isolation guarantee that I will remain safe? This evening IContinue reading “The Lockdown – Day 22: Anxiety and Burgers”