The Lockdown: Week 13 -It’s Been A Rough Week

Friday 12th June 2020 Hello all! It has been a pretty exhausting week mentally for me. I’m not going to get into it in detail but the lockdown has put a strain in our family dynamic. Living in close proximity to someone can bring out the worst in you … and this week all ourContinue reading “The Lockdown: Week 13 -It’s Been A Rough Week”

The Lockdown: Week 9 – Mini Heatwave A Coming

Friday 22nd May 2020 Hi all … firstly, I just want to thank you for continuing to follow my blog and showing love. It means so much. I hope you are all well and are still staying safe (and alert!). How hot has it been this week? I mean come on … 27 degrees centigradeContinue reading “The Lockdown: Week 9 – Mini Heatwave A Coming”

The Lockdown – Day 20: Officially Rundown

9th April 2020 – Thursday I couldn’t sleep last night. I wasn’t feeling too great … hot and cold flushes and feeling restless. I managed to drift off to sleep around 5am only to wake up again at 8am for breakfast and home schooling. I felt awful this morning. My asthma was playing up, myContinue reading “The Lockdown – Day 20: Officially Rundown”

The Lockdown – Day 12: April Fool’s Day

1st April 2020 – Wednesday APRIL FOOLS DAY! We are on day 12 of hibernation … ahem  … I mean self-isolation, lockdown whatever you want to call it. I am actually ok with not going out right now. I love being at home anyway so it doesn’t bother me so much. Hubby is feeling boredContinue reading “The Lockdown – Day 12: April Fool’s Day”

The Lockdown – Day 1: Anxiety and Bread

21st March 2020 – Saturday It’s been almost 3 months since the first case of the coronavirus (Covid-19) was noted in China. Since then, hundreds of thousands of people have been infected and thousands of people have died around the world. There is a lot of fake news out there which is hard to controlContinue reading “The Lockdown – Day 1: Anxiety and Bread”