The Lockdown – Day 27: BBQ Ready

16th April 2020 – Thursday I woke up this morning forgetting that I had a work telephone meeting via the tele-kit. Eeeek … so I quickly dialled in and listen to people I don’t know asking questions about the current issue of people not working due to isolation. It was actually very interesting, although IContinue reading “The Lockdown – Day 27: BBQ Ready”

The Lockdown – Day 6: Thank You NHS!

26th March 2020 – Thursday My phone has been super busy lately. Since we’ve been on lockdown everyone seems to be on their phones, keeping up to date with the news, texting each other and sending each other memes, jokes and such. I received word today that my local park (Victoria Park) is closed toContinue reading “The Lockdown – Day 6: Thank You NHS!”