I love potatoes … like absolutely cannot live without them. Whether they be chipped, mashed, roasted or even a huble packet of salted crisps will do me just fine. My husband one day went to our local green grocer and came back with a bag of potatoes. He excitedly told me that the green grocer told him these potatoes were the best potatoes … they were called Cypress potatoes and at 50p each I thought they better be good! They were actually divine! I roasted them and they children devoured them … wanting more! We were impressed. My husband thought it would be a good idea to try out different potatoes and blog about them. I though why not! So here is our first topic in our blog series: POTATOES! Hopefully you will find inspiration and bypass that bag of boring white potatoes and reach out for something a little different.

Yukon Gold [Coming Soon]

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