The Perfect Quiche

The Perfect Quiche I just love a great quiche. Nothing too fancy, just a cheese and tomato quiche will do me just fine. A generous sized portion with a side of salad … now there is a great meal. It has taken me a while to perfect my quiche recipe. When I first starting makingContinue reading “The Perfect Quiche”

Best Bolognese Sauce

Best Bolognese Sauce Everyone should have a great bolognese sauce as part of their repertoire. I mean, who doesn’t love spaghetti bolognese .. or a simple pasta bake? My bolognese sauce is simple and very verstatile. Not only do I use it with pasta, I also use it for lasagne, chilli con carne and pastaContinue reading “Best Bolognese Sauce”

Hearty Cottage Pie

Hearty Cottage Pie I commonly call this dish ‘shepherd’s pie‘ … but in truth it is actually a cottage pie. What’s the difference? The only difference is that a cottage pie is made from beef mince and a shepherd’s pie is made from lamb mince (pretty obvious now right?). The rest of the dish isContinue reading “Hearty Cottage Pie”

Ultimate Mac and Cheese

Ultimate Mac and Cheese I love macaroni cheese aka mac & cheese. Anything with cheese actually. But macaroni cheese is my comfort food. For days when I don’t feel like cooking anything fancy … macaroni cheese is always something I can rustle up from humble ingredients. Who doesn’t have pasta, cheese and milk in theirContinue reading “Ultimate Mac and Cheese”

Yorkshire Puddings

Yorkshire Puddings Records show that the earliest Yorkshire Pudding recipe dates back to 1737 where it was known as “dripping pudding“. In essence the Yorkshire Pudding recipe is your bog standard pancake batter … flour, eggs and milk. Why is it called a Yorkshire Pudding? Well, it didn’t originate from there but Yorkshire was praisedContinue reading “Yorkshire Puddings”