Why So Windy?

This week has been a bit of a bummer. The weather took a little turn for the worst. Wind and rain have become a regular occurence over past week. How unsettling. I bought this little pot of thyme from my local supermarket this week. I don’t use thyme often in my cooking, but it isContinue reading “Why So Windy?”

Potatoes: King Edward

All Hail The Royal Potato Welcome back to another potato tasting session. The next potato we are going to look at are the popular King Edward potatoes. You have probably seen these potatoes in your local supermarket. They are readily available, popular, relatively inexpensive and a great all rounder potato. The King Edward potatoes areContinue reading “Potatoes: King Edward”

Waiting For The Chill To Pass

I am eagerly awaiting for the chill to pass. Some days the skies are blue but misleading. When I open the kitchen doors, the cold air hits my lungs and for a second my breathing stops. Yep … it’s still cold. This year is the first year whereby I have a clean and fully functioningContinue reading “Waiting For The Chill To Pass”

Potatoes: Pink Fir Apple

What’s In A Name? The name of this potato threw me off. Apple … is this an apple? In stores they are just known as Pink Fir potatoes, but when I researched these delightful little potatoes – the actual name is Pink Fir Apple. Cute name! On my quest to sample as many different varietyContinue reading “Potatoes: Pink Fir Apple”

Potatoes: Yukon Gold

Potatoes: Yukon Gold I love the name of these potatoes: Yukon Gold! They sound like some sort of exotic flower or even an exotic form of Far East gold. You wouldn’t have guessed that these are potatoes of all things. The name Yukon Gold was given in honour of the Yukon River and the goldContinue reading “Potatoes: Yukon Gold”

My Tonsillectomy Journey

24.02.2021 – Long Read My Tonsillectomy Journey Last year my anxiety levels went through the roof. Not only was the pandemic in full swing, but I was worried about my health. My glands felt swollen. I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong. I panicked and made an appointment with my GP. It wasContinue reading “My Tonsillectomy Journey”

The Lockdown: Week 16 – Time To Say Goodbye … For Now

Saturday 11th July 2020 Happy Saturday! I have decided that this post will be the last lockdown post … for now. It’s been four months. Can you believe it? As restrictions are slowly being lifted in England and people are now getting back to some kind of new normal and infection numbers are slowly decreasing,Continue reading “The Lockdown: Week 16 – Time To Say Goodbye … For Now”