Why So Windy?

This week has been a bit of a bummer. The weather took a little turn for the worst. Wind and rain have become a regular occurence over past week. How unsettling.


I bought this little pot of thyme from my local supermarket this week. I don’t use thyme often in my cooking, but it is one of the more popular herbs out there so I thought why not! I want to have a little herb patch in my garden, full of wonderful herbs.

My mum is Vietnamese and has never come across the thyme herb before, so when I showed this plant to her she wasn’t excited about it. I let her smell the herb as I think it has such a warming aromatic scent. My mum’s verdict on the thyme herb …?

“It smells like armpit b.o.”

I’ll just leave that right there … moving on.


My little peony bud is growing. To be honest I was really sceptical about this little flower. I didn’t think it would start growing. I actually thought it was going to die in the first week. But here we are a week later and it is starting to open up. It’s really exciting to see … and for £2 from Wilko, it may just be the bargain of the century!

My cherry tree is coming alive also. As each day passes, I see more buds emerging from the branches and little leaves are slowly unravelling. It’s looking promising so my fingers and toes are crossed for some fruit this year.

Raspberry Plant

The raspberry bush has grown more little leaves which is exciting to see. It’s just one stalk at the moment with lots of leaves emerging from it. Last year it grew so long that I had to “train” it to loop around itself. I just didn’t want it to grow wild and untamed.

Wall Planters

I added these wall planters to my garden fence this week. I am hoping to grow strawberries and cherry tomatoes in them. I have a visions of an abundant amount of strawberries and tomatoes trailing over the planter. I bought these planters from Wilko and I think they look great in my garden.

I hope the weather improves next week. I could do with a bit of sunshine right now.

Until next week!

Boss Mum x

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Mother, cook and cake making addict ... life is better with a slice of cake or three. Follow me on my journey of sweet treats, food and adventures.

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