Potatoes: King Edward

All Hail The Royal Potato

Welcome back to another potato tasting session. The next potato we are going to look at are the popular King Edward potatoes. You have probably seen these potatoes in your local supermarket. They are readily available, popular, relatively inexpensive and a great all rounder potato.

The King Edward potatoes are medium to large and irregular in size and shape with dents, eyes, brown spots and also pink patches. They are also of the fluffy variety which makes them a great all rounder potato and their flesh is creamy in colour.

I purchased this bag of potatoes from Sainsbury’s at £1.77 for 2kg.

King Edward potatoes can be traced back to 1902 and are of British origin. The name King Edward was given to these potatoes because at the time they were introduced to the nation it just happened to be the Coronation of King Edward VII. It is said that the grower of this potato wrote to Buckingham Palace to seek permission for this potato to be named after the king. Permission was granted and the King Edward potato is now one of the oldest surviving varieties in Europe.

Let’s start with tasting them … as always, these potatoes are going to be chipped, roasted, boiled and mashed.

Chips / Fries

The King Edward potatoes are a good sized potato and can be cut into decent chunky chips. I par-boiled these potatoes for 5 minutes just to soften the outside. Then I give them a good shake in the bowl just to rough up the edges … trust me you don’t want to miss this step.

King Edward Chunky Chips

These potatoes deep fry really well. I fried them in some sunflower oil for a few minutes until they are golden brown and crispy. The inside of the chip was really soft and fluffy and maintained its great flavour. The outside kept its crispiness which gave it a lovely texture against the softness of the inside of the chip.


For the boiled potatoes, I peeled and chopped the potatoes into large chunks. They were boiled for 12 minutes until the insides were soft.

They have a very strong potato flavour, almost grainy in texture. It’s not unplesant to eat but somewhat underwhelming.


I always get excited when I roast potatoes because I love them so much. I usually roast my potatoes with salt, goosefat and if I am feeling fancy a sprig of rosemary or two. It gives it such an amazing flavour.

For these potatoes I boiled them first (as always) so it is quicker to roast in the oven. These were roasted at gas mark 7 (220˚C) for about 30 minutes – turning over occasionally ensure they brown evenly all over.

Kind Edward potatoes are great for roasting. They crisp up really well yet still maintaining that soft fluffy interior – they tasted great!


For the mashed potatoes, I chopped the potatoes into small pieces (about 1cm chunks) then boiled them until they were super soft – about 12 minutes. I drained them thoroughly through a sieve, then passed it through a ricer before seasoning the potatoes and added a knob of butter and a splash of milk just to loosed up the mash.

Mashed Potatoes

These potatoes didn’t mash really well for me today. I was sure that they were going to come out good, but not really. I put the potatoes through a potato ricer too but they still ended up a little lumpy which was weird. The mash was not smooth and the texture was quite unpleasant for me this time around. I’m not sure if it is just me or the potato … I do pride myself in making the most amazing mashed potatoes.


These are a good all rounder potato … but they are especially work well as chips and roasties. They are relatively inexpensive and are available in major supermarkets so they are not hard to come by. I have actually added these potatoes to curry’s and stews and they hold up really well in the sauce and tastes great. They take on flavours well and are a great accompianment to any meal.

Boss Mum x

Best for: chips and roasties
Availability: Sainsbury’s and all major supermarkets
Price: £1.77 per 2kg (price correct as of March 2021 at Sainsbury’s)

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