Waiting For The Chill To Pass

I am eagerly awaiting for the chill to pass. Some days the skies are blue but misleading. When I open the kitchen doors, the cold air hits my lungs and for a second my breathing stops. Yep … it’s still cold.

This year is the first year whereby I have a clean and fully functioning garden, it is a blank canvas ready to be brought alive. I have been waiting for this moment ever since I moved into my house 7 years ago. It’s been a long time coming.

Yes, my garden is small … but it is still my little haven. I am going to make the most of it and utilise every inch of my land. It’s going to be wonderful!

I have two flowerbeds running down the sides of my garden. They are long and narrow. The flowerbeds are deep and it took a crane to hoist 4 tonnes of soil into my garden. We blocked the road for a good half an hour – much to the annoyance of oncoming traffic. We filled the flowerbeds with soil using a humble spade and elbow grease. It was hard work and took forever … well almost! Luckily it wasn’t raining that day.


The first thing I planted into the flowerbed this week is a peony bulb. Peonies are my favourite flower. I’m not much of a flower grower to be honest … I’ve only ever grown things that I can eat. But I really wanted to grow a peony. Fingers crossed I’ll get a lovely flower from this. I bought this single bulb from Wilko for just £2. Bargain!

Bay Leaf Tree

This bay leaf plant is stunning. The leaves are bright green and the plant is bountiful. I cook with bay leaves alot so it made sense to have one in my garden. I had one previously for years but it died on me … I think it got diseased. Fingers crossed this one stays healthy.

I bought this bay leaf tree from Suttons. It was £16.99 and delivery was quick. Suttons is one of my favourite online stores for fruit and vegetable plants and seeds. Great variety and reasonably priced.


This rosemary bush is special. This rosemary bush brings me sadness but also brings me hope. I’ll just call her “Rosemary“. She belonged to my late brother. He passed away 8 years ago. I miss him dearly.

Rosemary lived outside my parents house for years. It started off as a small little plant. My brother nutured it and planted it in the front garden. He looked after it and it grew healthy and strong. Due to unfortunate circumstances, my mother is being re-housed and she couldn’t bare to leave Rosemary behind. It holds a special place in her heart. It was her last connection to him. So I decided to dig Rosemary up and I gave her a new home. My home. I hope she will be happy here. She will be loved.

These two plants have been with me for a few years. I usually forget about them and don’t look after them, but every year they fight through the winter and poke their sweet little heads just to say hello. They are resilient … fighters and never give up! They are on my front porch so I am just going to leave them there for a while. There is not much direct sunlight on the front side of my house … but I’m sure they will do fine.

On the left here is my raspberry plant. For the first 3 years this raspberry plant did not bear any fruit. It barely grew and was covered in green fly. I couldn’t bare to get rid of it and just left it in the corner of my cluttered garden. Then last year, out of nowhere it sprouted! It went haywire and started growing wildly. It produced so much juicy raspberries! I was so proud it did well and I am so glad I didn’t give up on it. I am hoping it does well again this year!

On the right is my dwarf cherry tree. Now this tree I bought about 6 years ago. It hasn’t done well at all. The main tree died but it grew another plant from the soil. I wasn’t even sure if the new plant that was growing was even part of the cherry tree. I thought it was some kind of weed … but I Ieft it to grow anyway. This tree has disappointed me every year, it never fruits but teases me with lush green leaves. Maybe this year it might give me the honour of some cherries. This cherry tree is in a large pot and not in the ground. Because it is a dwarf plant, it is happy in a pot. I am worried that if I put it in the ground it would grow big very fast … I don’t think my teeny tiny garden could cope with that! Small buds are starting to appear.

Spring is definitely here!

Until next week!

~ Boss Mum xx

Published by The Boss Mum

Mother, cook and cake making addict ... life is better with a slice of cake or three. Follow me on my journey of sweet treats, food and adventures.

2 thoughts on “Waiting For The Chill To Pass

    1. Thank you! I am eagerly awaiting for the weather to get a little warmer. Fingers crossed my cherry tree behaves itself! x


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