Potatoes: Yukon Gold

Potatoes: Yukon Gold

I love the name of these potatoes: Yukon Gold! They sound like some sort of exotic flower or even an exotic form of Far East gold. You wouldn’t have guessed that these are potatoes of all things.

The name Yukon Gold was given in honour of the Yukon River and the gold rush of that time. But these potatoes did not originate from the Far East, these potatoes actually have roots (pardon the pun) in Canada. They were developed in the 1960’s but were only available to buy in the 1980’s.

Natoora: Yukon Gold Potatoes

They are large yellow coloured flesh potatoes with light brown skin – typically round in shape. They are a great all rounder potato – all rounder meaning they are great for mash, chips, roasties and boiled potatoes. They absorb flavours really well due to their fluffy nature, so get a spoonful of good quality butter in there and you will taste the difference.

Yukon Gold

These potatoes are from Natoora and were purchased through Ocado – a little expensive at £2.79 per kg but you know they are going to be special.

Chips (Fries)

To start off, for the chips, I peeled and cut the potatoes into the shape of chunky chips. The chips were cut into approximately 2cm thickness, then par-boiled for about 6 minutes. I always par boil my potatoes before frying or roasting. It speeds up the cooking time and makes the potatoes more crispy on the outside and maintains the fluffiness on the inside.

Chips / Fries

Once the chips have been par-boiled, I transferred the chips to a bowl. I put a plate on top of the bowl and gave the chips a little bit of a shake. I do this to “rough up” the edges, trust me this will give your chips an extra crispy crunch.

The chips are then cooled down completely (pop them in the fridge until you are ready to fry them). They are then fried in some hot oil for a few minutes until the are golden brown and crispy.

The Yukon Gold chips are divine! They maintain their crispy exterior even after they have cooled down. The inside of the chips are fluffy and soft with a wonderful creamy potato flavour.

Mashed Potatoes

To make the mash, I chopped the potatoes into small pieces before boiling them for 12 minutes. I wanted these potatoes to be super soft to make them easier to mash.

Mashed Potatoes

Once the potatoes were soft, I drained the water, then put the potatoes through a potato ricer. To the mashed potatoes I added a little butter, a touch of milk and a pinch of salt and mixed it well.

The result was the most delicious, creamy mashed potatoes. The mash just melted in the mouth, the salt and butter just enhanced the flavour of the earthy potato. The mash was thick, but smooth – it mashed really well and took in the flavour of butter and salt really well. I can imagine this being great with some sausages and a rich onion gravy.

Boiled Potatoes

For the boiled potatoes, the potatoes were simple peeled and chopped into large chunks. They were boiled in a large pot of water for about 13 minutes. I didn’t want to boil them for too long because they would turn to mush really quickly.

Boiled Potatoes

I’m not a big fan of boiled potatoes in the first instance, it always feels like something is missing … some goosefat or some kind of sauce. Continuing my potato quest, I boiled some of these Yukon Gold potatoes just to see what they taste like in their most basic form.

The potatoes were soft with a subtle buttery taste, they had a really lovely flavour. The husband said they tasted alot like Charlotte potatoes … I don’t particularly agree with that, but I guess everyone has they own opinions.

Roast Potatoes

For the roast potatoes, they were par-boiled for 8 minutes so that the inside is firm but the outside is fluffy. They are roasted in the oven with a little goosefat for 30 minutes at gas mark 7 (220˚C).

Roast Potatoes

These roast potatoes were gorgeous! A lovey crispy exterior with a lovely fluffy centre. A great buttery flavour, the potato taste is great and they browned really well in the oven too. I totally fell in love with these roasties!


Yukon Gold are a delight. Such a lovely potato, versatile and full of flavour. I love their size – perfect for cutting into chips or good sized roasties. They hold their shape well even though they are a floury starchy type of potato. A great all rounder and if you can spare an extra £ or two, they are worth the splurge.

Best for: roast potatoes
Availability: Ocado

Price: £2.79 per kg (price correct as of February 2021)

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