Dover Castle

English Heritage – Dover, Kent


Dover Castle has stood proudly on the shores of England for over 9 centuries. It’s foundations hug the iconic White Cliffs of Dover.

We spent a wet and windy afternoon there as we continue on our journey visiting as many Englsih Heritage sites as possible. Dover Castle is one of English Heritage’s most popular sites and is only 21 miles away from France. If you squint out to sea, you can just just see France hovering on the horizon. I didn’t realise we were that close.

Dover Castle was built between 1180 – 1185 and was built as a defence system for the British Empire. Its location makes it ideal for scoping out the enemy. The castle is flanked with towers and high walls, ramparts and moats. All of them working together to build one of the best defence systems of that era.

The castle also sits above three miles of tunnels which were used as air-raid shelters during the war. There is also a military hospital which was used to treat wounded soldiers in battle. After the war, the military hospital became a maternity hospital for a few years before being abandoned altogether

Dover Castle has the longest recorded history of any major castle in Britain. Spanning over 80 acres of ground, it has survived two world wars and is still one of my favourite castles in the UK.

It’s best to visit the castle on a clear day so you can see far out to sea. Bare in mind the castle has plenty of towers – particularly the Great Tower so there are alot of stairs – not suitable for those with limited mobility or health issues. I’m asthmatic myself and I struggle to get up to the top of the Great Tower – but if you do manage to the top, the views are just breathtaking.

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