Custard and Pie Adventures

Custard and Pie Adventures

What is Custard and Pie Adventures you may be wondering?

Let me introduce you to Custard and Pie.

Custard is the nickname of my son Devon. He is 9 years old and the most awesome dude I know. He is very much mummy’s boy and likes nothing more that a great “cuddle session” aka lots of hugs. Why is his nickname Custard? Have you heard of [Ambrosia] Devon Custard? No more explanation needed.

Pie is the nickname of my daughter Skye. Many family members adopted the name Skye-Pie mainly because it sounds cute and it rhymes. Skye is 12 going on 20. A sensible and bossy little human – but she is my little side-kick. I rarely need to worry about her because she has a good strong head on her shoulders.

Click on the image below to access our wonderful world of adventures!

One of the most awesome places we have visited. Stonehenge is one of the most beautiful and mysterious places we have visited in the UK.

When I am not working, baking or cooking … one of the things we love to do the most as a family is roadtripping. We love jumping in the car and just travelling around the country, exploring and visiting landmarks and just enriching our lives with knowledge and history and having fun at the same time.

We have been around alot of the UK … but there is still so much to explore closer to home and beyond. Somebody once said to me that a holiday is not a holiday if you don’t get on a plane. Girl PLEASE! A holiday is what you make of it … and believe me, our roadtrips are not any ordinary roadtrips … our roadtrips are just EPIC!

So welcome to Custard and Pie Adventures. Here I will be sharing with you some of our most memorable visits and I hope it will offer you some inspiration to get out there and start exploring with your friends and family.

If you need any suggestions or recommendations of where to visit, especially with young children, please drop me a message. I am happy to point your in the right direction.

Happy Roadtripping!

~ Boss Mum xx

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Mother, cook and cake making addict ... life is better with a slice of cake or three. Follow me on my journey of sweet treats, food and adventures.

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