The Lockdown: Week 16 – Time To Say Goodbye … For Now

Saturday 11th July 2020

Happy Saturday!

I have decided that this post will be the last lockdown post … for now. It’s been four months. Can you believe it?

As restrictions are slowly being lifted in England and people are now getting back to some kind of new normal and infection numbers are slowly decreasing, I think it’s fitting to call time on my lockdown blog. It’s been quite an emotional journey.

The lockdown has pushed my anxiety and mental health to the limit. I must admit, the pandemic has scared me. I was super anxious at the beginning when the virus was spreading like wildfire and the country went into chaos. I experienced subtle racism … like nobody wanting to sit next to me on the bus and people swiftly covering their mouths when I entered the vicinity. The anxiety was relentless … my emotions were pulled in all directions and I broke down many times. Not being in control of your own health is scary. What frustrated me the most was the way some of the nation were still not abiding by the lockdown rules. The selfishness of some people shocked and angered me. People could still be seen socially gathering, visiting beaches when the weather was nice, having bbq in the park when it was warm. I personally know some people who breached those rules … people that I have known for years. People that should have known better. The complete lack of compassion for others is somewhat overwhelming.

Remember when eveyone was stock-piling toilet rolls? Now, that was funny. I also remember empty shelves in the supermarket, not being able to buy flour because everyone was suddenly baking! Hand sanitizers were impossible to get and were being sold at ridiculous prices online. The roads were quiet … like a ghost town. Children were sent home from school and parents developed a new appreciation for teachers after the nationwide home-schooling fiasco! The two metre rule kicked in and the queues into the supermarkets were longer than a piece of string. The price of everything sky-rocketed and small businesses were struggling. Then the furlough scheme was introduced which was a lifeline for a lot of people who had not been able to work. We clapped for the NHS and Keyworkers on Thursdays and children were making rainbow and heart posters and sticking them in their windows.

thank you nhs text surrounded by hearts
The real heroes. Thank You NHS Always

I haven’t been to work for four months now but I have always received a salary regardless. My workplace has been amazing … they have gone above and beyond to ensure that their employees are protected healthwise and financially. They sent home all those who have underlying illnesses and they are now actively encouraging more people to work from home. I don’t know when I will be back in the office. I am working from home and it looks like it will be like that for a while. I am not complaining. I am loving being at home with my family. I am going to make the most of it before they call me back in again.

My husband is still furloughed from work. He doesn’t have an exact date of his return. He speculates that he might be off for another couple of months. He’s a little worried as there is some talk of redundancies.

I went for a hospital appointment this morning. This is the first time I have been to the hospital in ages. (I have alot of medical problems and I am always at the GP surgery or in the hospital for one thing or another). I had an appointment with the gynaecologist this morning.  It was bizarre … before I could sit in the waiting area I had my temperature taken, I was given a mask and told to wash my hands. This is before I had even checked in at the reception desk. The waiting room consisted of 5 chairs all spaced 2 metres apart and each chair was in its own little make shift hazard square marked out on the floor using black and yellow (hazard) sticky tape. I can’t wear masks because of my asthma – so the doctor told me it was fine to take it off. There was hardly anyone there in the clinic anyway. I was only there for half an hour and quickly left.

The virus is still out there, but we need to kick start the economy for the sake of the nation. I get it! Let’s just hope people are careful out there.

Do I think there will be a second wave of infection? Definitely … watch out for Lockdown – Part 2 … coming to a blog near you!

~ Boss Mum (and family) xxx

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