The Lockdown: Week 15 – Happy Independence Day!!!

Saturday 4th July 2020

My apologies for this late post … this is what happened.

On Thursday the Hubby told me that the window fitting guy was coming round on Friday morning to do some final measurements for my home windows. I’m like great!

Let’s get this ball rolling … 9am he was coming.

Come Friday morning, a van pulls up outside my house and two tradesmen knock on my door. They are here to install some windows. I turn to my Hubby and said: “Huh? I thought they were just here to re-measure?” My Hubby thought so too … but here they are knocking out the old rotten windows and starting to put in the new frames in the bedroom windows.

The Hubby gets in touch with the company and they said there must have been a miscommunication, they were ready to install and had all the windows ready. Woah! I was pleasantly surprised. So because of this … I totally forgot to do my end of week blog. Shame on me!

They were here until 10pm doing finishing touches which was tiresome. I just wanted to get washed up and go sleep. I’m feeling super tired. They were coming back tomorrow.

So this morning, me and the Hubby was waiting around … 9am passes … 10am passes … no sign of them. We call the company and the main contact guy … no answer. We are starting to get worried … another case of rogue traders – but they left their tools in the house so they must be coming back right?

11:30am … the van pulls up and the tradesmen come out. Me and the Hubby was so relieved! I asked one of the tradesmen what happened? He said that he woke up and 5am … went for a walk round the park for half an hour … came home and fell back asleep again. Haha. At least he was honest! I told him I didn’t blame him and he must’ve been really tired after a non stop 12 hours labourious day previously. He was forgiven.

So anyway …

Can you believe it’s July already? I mean … come on! Where has the last few months gone? We are now 15 weeks of lockdown restrictions … well not really lockdown anymore – as things are easing up and people are starting life in their new normal.

I am still a little reluctant to go out and attempt a life of normalcy. The virus is still out there and I am still worried that I may catch it. So for as long as I can I will keep myself to myself. I have had some friends and family over … albeit social gatherings in my garden. It’s been nice to see them and socialise again. But I will be cautious …

Home schooling is still in session. The children’s workload is slowly dwindling – not as much as when lockdown first started. I am glad and I can’t wait for the summer holidays (just two weeks time). No more home schooling! I can’t wait to utter these words to my children when the time comes.

Got to love you and leave you for now … more home renovations needed. I will post some before and after shots in next weeks blog post. Yay!

Oh … and Happy Independence Day to all my American followers!

dessert with flag on money against american flag on background
Happy 4th July!!!

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~ Boss Mum (and family) xxx

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