The Lockdown: Week 12 – How Do You Plead?

Friday 12th June 2020


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Happy Friday!


Some children went back to school this week. I was contemplating it … Skye is in year 6 and this is her final few weeks of primary school before she heads off to secondary school in September. She really wants to go back to school but me and the hubby made the decision to keep her at home. The virus is still out there and we just don’t want take that risk of her bringing something home. I have severe asthma (my inhalers are not working as well anymore and I am on oral medication for the asthma) so catching the coronavirus will be a big issue for me. I just can’t take that risk. Skye has mild asthma so that is something that we have had to take into consideration.

Me personally, I feel guilty not allowing her to go back to school. Almost selfish on my part. Is it wrong for me to keep her home?

Should I trust the school that they will keep her safe?

I did notice in the playground that they had cordoned off the tyre swing and the rope climb. There’s plastic tape wrapped round it. It made the whole situation real. I mean, the children can’t even play in the playground properly. With all these restrictions in place, does it even feel like school anymore?

On the flip side though, we live right next door to the school and their playground is right in front of our house. So during the school breaktime Skye would hang outside the fence and talk to a few of her friends who had returned to school. I guess that’s something. She is grateful for that.

I have finally received my IT equipment from work and this week I have managed to set up the computer to the office network. If feels really weird working remotely. All my icons and programs are sitting on the desktop looking familiar against my purple desktop background. I’m actually looking forward to doing work that doesn’t involve home schooling.

So home schooling is still going strong … well, not that strong.

Skye wakes up at 7am and is downstairs … breakfast eaten and home schooling underway. She’s disciplined like that. By the time me and Devon wake up (around 9:30am … sometimes even after 10am) she has already finished her work for the day. She makes the emphasis of coming upstairs and waking us up just to tell us this.

Devon doesn’t get out of bed until after 10am sometimes (even 11am on those extra tiresome days) so he is not finishing his schoolwork until way after 4pm! He’s not as efficient and organised as his sister. Different strokes for different folks I guess.

How have you all been? Hope life is treating you kind and all that!

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Lots of love to you all.

~ Boss Mum (and family) xxx

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