The Lockdown: Week 11 – Work Ahoy

Friday 5th June 2020

Hello! It feels like I haven’t checked in with you all in forever, but it has only been one week. Alot has happened this week in terms of news. Not only is the pandemic still in full swing, but we now have the “Black Lives Matter” situation in America. The riots and looting in some states are now becoming out of control. I am going to reserve my opinions to myself because this is not that kind of blog. But it saddens me that we live in a word that is still so segregated.

No one is born racist … they are taught it.


I’m just gonna leave that right there!

Onto other news … it has now been 11 weeks since I have been off from work. It’s actually been great hanging out at home, cooking and experimenting in my kitchen. I am loving it … but it looks like I am going to have to do some proper work. One of my managers from work called me the other day stating that I should be expecting a delivery of some IT equipment today. Considering that a colleague was expecting IT equipment in April and it didn’t turn up, I wasn’t very hopeful.

So this morning, I am laying in bed at around 9am and my daughter runs in the room telling me that I have six packages downstairs. I wasn’t expecting any deliveries … and lo and behold there it was. Six packages of IT equipment. Damn! I thought … now I have to actually do some work!

To tell the truth, I am actually looking forward to doing some work … my mind if full of food ideas right now which is not helping my waistline so a welcome change of daily tasks will be a breath of fresh air.

Moving onto the coronavirus … things seems to be settling down and the numbers are low enough now for the UK government to start ease restrictions.

I am still quite sceptical regarding the whole thing. Now they say that we are allowed to meet up with up to 6 people from outside of your own home anywhere outdoors – keeping that 2m distance of course. Me personally, I am still refusing to meet up with family and friends. I can’t risk it … I won’t risk it. So me and the hubby have decided to contiue to stay home as much as possible. We believe that there will be a second peak coming soon.


Boris Johnson wants to believe that the people of England will use their common sense and stay safe and keep that all important distance. But have you seen the pictures? The weather has been great lately – as soon as the sun comes up people are packing out the beaches and the parks – where is the social distancing?

There have been alot of protesting in regards to the “Black Lives Matter” issue. Alot of crowds can be seen … where is the social distancing there? It is inevitable that numbers will increase again. I am not about to step out of my house into that.

My children’s school is re-opening on Monday for Nursery, Reception and Year 6 children. I have chosen not to send my children to school. I am not 100% confident that my children will be safe. My daughter is in year 6 and really wants to go back to school but she understands my concerns and she is ok with staying home.

So we will be going into our 12th week of lockdown. That’s three whole months guys! I have only stepped out of my house ONCE in the whole of the three months. I went to work yesterday to pick up some things. I actually did not go into the building though. I asked my friend from my office to grab some of my work stuff so that I can start working from home. So she shoved it all in a bag and met me outside of the office building.

Anyway … hope you are all safe and well. What have you all been up to lately? Would love to hear from you so leave me a message or even drop me an email. I love receiving mail.

Have a good weekend!

~ Boss Mum (and family) xxx

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