The Lockdown: Week 9 – Mini Heatwave A Coming

Friday 22nd May 2020

Hi all … firstly, I just want to thank you for continuing to follow my blog and showing love. It means so much.

I hope you are all well and are still staying safe (and alert!).

How hot has it been this week? I mean come on … 27 degrees centigrade on Wednesday was crazy. Have you noticed that since we’ve been on lockdown, the weather has actually been amazing? The irony of it is laughable!

This week I received a letter from my children’s school. The letter contained information about the possible re-opening of the school on June 1st. I know that some of my daughter’s friends are planning on returning to school on the 1st June. It is highly unlikely that my daughter Skye will be returning. I don’t feel comfortable and believe that it is too soon. They specified in the letter that children will be in groups of no larger than 15 and they will try to keep the groups apart – but they cannot guarantee that they will be able to implement social distancing. Staggering break times and increased cleaning are some of the key points that they wanted to make clear to the parents.

They also emphasise that there will be no penalties for non- attendance of pupils. It is entirely up to the parents. We know what is best for our children and they will continue to provide home learning work for those at home.

This news has provided some relief for me and my family. I was so worried that they were going to enforce this. I’m glad they let this be the decision of the parents.

The safest place for my children is at home with me.

Actually, the whole lockdown pandemic madness has made my children afraid to even go out. My daughter went on a little bike ride in the park the other day with the hubby … she came back and told me the park was busy and there was too many people in the park. She started having a little cough (she has mild asthma which triggers spontaneous coughing) and she was convinced she had the coronavirus. She annoyed her dad so much he was like “if you keep saying you have coronavirus you’re gonna get the coronavirus!!!“. He wasn’t a happy bunny. Skye had a glass of water and her cough went away. She is a little hypochondriac.

The weather has been amazing this week. Super hot and sunny. But with this great weather comes ignorance. The parks were full of people not social distancing and don’t get me started on the beaches. The virus will peak again in a couple of weeks because people just had to go sun bathing. It disgusts me that people are doing this … prolonging the lockdown and putting people’s lives at risk. I’m not saying you can’t leave the house, but use your common sense. Parks and beaches full of people… get a grip! Stay alert does not mean swarm recreational spaces! So much for being able to meet with one family member … and to think that Boris Johnson says he has put faith in the common sense of the people. Again … sense the irony?

So anyhow … I have been working on some recipe posts lately. I haven’t posted for a while, but I am trying to get these posts written up and posted. There is so much I want to share with you, and so many ideas that I would love some feedback on. So bare with me whilst I iron out the creases. The kids keep me so busy during the day so I try to write up my posts in the night … but I usually fall asleep mid-write up!

This week I have been busy in the kitchen as usual. My new addiction right now is sourdough bread. I love love love sourdough bread. There is something so satisfying about that hard yet fragrant crust, then when you bite into it, the bread dough is slightly chewy, slighty sour but oh so delicious. I will be doing a sourdough journey blog post soon to show you my journey into sourdough bread making. Look out for that one!

Top Left: Sourdough bread
Top Right: Bun Rieu – my favourite noodle soup consists of a tomato based soup with pork, prawn and crab dumplings, fried tofu, beansprouts and fresh herbs. I always make a big batch of this soup so that we can eat it the next day. It actually tastes better the next day.
Bottom Left: Mango Sticky Rice with Coconut Sauce – this snack is just divine. Lovely sticky rice topped with sweet mango, a thick coconut sauce and topped with crushed roasted peanuts. It really does taste as good as it looks.
Bottom Right: One Pan Healthy Breakfast – I actually had this for lunch. It’s super light and healthy and obviously I had to add a slice of sourdough bread. Oven baked eggs, bacon with baby spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms with a side of beans.

These are some of the fabulous dishes I cooked this week. Lots more to come so don’t forget to follow me on Instagram at @sugar.and.sponge to see what shenanigans I am getting up to in my kitchen. Click on the like button and leave me a message. Introduce yourself, say hello! Would love to hear from you.

~ Boss Mum (and family) xxx

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