The Lockdown: Week 7 – Believe That Better Times Are Coming

8th May 2020 – Friday

Hey all … how are you all? Hope you are all well, smiling and continuing to stay positive through all this.

We are now into our 7th week in lockdown. This week I have been feeling better. As you know, last week was a little bit of a struggle for me but this week I have been feeling a bit more positive and feeling more myself. It happens.

The kids are continuing with their homeschooling – it’s been particularly difficult this week though. Skye is in year 6 of primary school and this term she is learning about possessive apostrophes. I like to think that my English is pretty good, but I never really got to grips with possessive apostrophes myself – so when Skye asked me for help on this, I was more of a hinderance. Skye’s teacher called this week and I explained to her the situation with home schooling and how Skye is struggling … her teacher was sympathetic and said she understands that the work set may be a little difficult for her abilities but as long as she tries and does as much as she can then that is enough.

I think I am being a bit harsh … maybe? Expecting too much. I guess I am trying to make up for the lack of proper schooling so I am trying to cram so much into the homeschooling as I can. It takes alot of my time and effort making the weekly timetables, and ensuring they get the work done. I got an email from the school and they said that they are moving towards more online schooling so they will be encouraging the use of Google Classroom. It allows more online schooling and the teachers can keep track more of what the children are learning or have learnt I guess. It takes away a lot of the stress from the parents … so that is a bonus. Thank goodness for that!

The government are planning on re-opening schools as early as the 1st of June. It’s not definite yet. Skye’s teacher confirmed this plan and said if the re-opening does take place, it would be year 6 to return back to school first before gradually allowing other year groups to follow. Bearing in mind that if they did return to school on the 1st of June.

It is only 6 weeks until the summer holidays.

One of our lockdown dinners this week is inspired by our local Turkish restaurant. We frequently order takeaway from Tad in Hackney. A popular Turkish restaurant which serves the most amazing kebabs. One of our favourite things to order is lahmacun … a Turkish pizza. A flatbreab topped with a tomato and lamb topping, grilled to perfection. I was craving this so attempted to make my own. They came out wonderful! I served these with some grilled chicken wings, tomato bulgar wheat and a mediterranean style salad. Hubby was so impressed and thoroughly enjoyed the meal. Rest assured I gave myself a great pack on the back!

Turkish inspired dinner

It’s Bank Holiday Friday today (Bank Holidays are usually on a Monday). It took place today rather than Monday 4th of May because today is VE day. This year marks the 75th anniversary of the end of WW2 in Europe. Under different circumstances we would have seen celebrations, street parties, events and parades … but with the lockdown in place and the ban on public gatherings, celebrations will be more of a sombre affair. I guess we can all remember it in our hearts and be thankful to all the servicemen and women who served in the war, those that lost their lives and those that endured great hardship so that we can live in a land of freedom. We all need to be humbled by them all.

I hope you all have a great weekend whatever you do. It’s going to be super warm and the sun is going to make a welcomed appearance. Stay safe and well as always … keep smiling and stay positive.

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~ Boss Mum (and family) xxx

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