The Lockdown – Day 28: Fri-Yay Takeaway!!!

17th April 2020 – Friday

It’s Fri-Yay!! Oh wait, that doesn’t actually mean anything to me right now.

How are we all today? I had a restless night … I kept waking up coughing up phlegm. The thing I’ve noticed with my asthma is that it changes depending on the weather. The last week or so has been fine and my asthma had been behaving itself. Yesterday, the weather changed and it was raining a little in the afternoon. I could feel a chill in the air, a sort of dampness. Rest assured that that is one of my triggers … cold damp air.

Ahhhh, the life of an asthmatic. It should have a separate blog for this.

I received an order of Doves Farm flours and a packet of elusive yeast today. It’s been so hard getting flour and yeast these days. I had to bite the bullet and bought this organic Doves Farm baking package which (including P&P) costs a little bit more than what you would buy in the supermarket. But you know what? I love Doves Farm products so I don’t mind spending that little more on quality.

Once I got my package, I treated myself to a homemade malt loaf. It smelt wonderful and looked amazing.

For dinner today I couldn’t be bothered to cook so we ordered takeaway. I wanted to eat fish and chips from our local (posh) chip shop (Fish House) but it was impossible. They are currently only serving call & collect orders on Fridays and Saturday from 4pm to 8pm. I tried calling but the phone was engaged for ages. I have a feeling they were inundated with orders so they took their phone of the hook. So we ordered UberEats instead … we ended up getting a German Doner Kebab which was really tasty. This is our first takeaway for so long … it felt good not to cook and just relax for the evening.

German Doner Kebab takeaway

I hope you all had a lovely day and kept busy. Stay safe, stay home!

~ Boss Mum (and family) xxx

Published by The Boss Mum

Mother, cook and cake making addict ... life is better with a slice of cake or three. Follow me on my journey of sweet treats, food and adventures.

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