The Lockdown – Day 22: Anxiety and Burgers

11th April 2020 – Saturday

I’m feeling extensive anxiety this evening  … the current situation with the coronavirus seems to be getting out of control and I am continuously thinking about what would happen if I catch it? What would it feel like? Will staying isolation guarantee that I will remain safe?

This evening I suddenly started feeling hot … like hot flushes then my eyes started getting blurry and then the lightheadedness kicks in. Obviously I am thinking the worse … like oh my gosh! I feel hot, I have a temperature … could I have a temperature? I don’t have a thermometer and I can’t take my temperature. And the lightheadedness … why am I feeling like this? Then my throat is feeling a bit scratchy and I am thinking, damn the virus has gotten into my throat … my mind starts racing … what did I do today? Did I wash my hands enough? Did I meet anyone today (not that I went anywhere). The only person I saw today (outside of my family) was my dear friend who popped by in the afternoon to collect some cakes that I made for her. She stayed in her car and we had no physical contact.

I was fine all day … the literally in the space of a few minutes I start feeling hot all of a sudden? It’s not like it’s a heatwave outside. I checked the weather tonight … it’s 15°C outside – not exactly a heatwave. My husband said they living room is hot – but he always feels hot. His favourite line during the hotter months is “feel my feet, their burning up!” for me to answer … “get your feet away from me!’.

It could be a menopausal hot flush I guess … I am on the lower end of 40.

I am feeling super tired though. I do get lightheaded when I am really tired. Maybe I just need sleep?

And the shortness of breath … it could be my asthma and hay-fever triggered. I have allergies amongst other things.

Maybe I am ok? Maybe I’m just having an anxiety attack? Maybe I should just go to sleep – my eyes are getting tired .

Ok … so I am going to go do some breathing exercises and then get an early night. Ahhhhh …. anxiety! I hate you!

Oh, and by the way … I made burgers, onion rings and chunky chips for dinner – all homemade too, just in case you were wondering.


Stay safe and remember to breathe!

~ Boss Mum (and family) xxx

Published by The Boss Mum

Mother, cook and cake making addict ... life is better with a slice of cake or three. Follow me on my journey of sweet treats, food and adventures.

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