The Lockdown – Day 21: Easter Weekend Is A No Show

10th April 2020 – Friday

Happy Good Friday (if there is such a thing?). I’m feeling much better today. Nothing that a swig of Day Nurse and a day of rest can’t do for me. To be honest … I think it’s my hayfever playing up also which is also making me feel very rough. My nose won’t stop running and my eyes are feeling puffy … not to mention the wheezing in my chest. Damn allergies!

Anyhow, how lovely was today? It was 22°C and super sunny. I bet there are silly people congregating in the park and at the beach somewhere. Some people will not be told!

Hubby popped to the Chinese cash and carry Hoo Hing this morning to pick up some supplies. He bumped into my cousins there who were also doing some grocery shopping. Hubby said there wasn’t a lot on the shelves and he couldn’t get everything on the shopping list but he got enough to last us for a couple of weeks maybe?

I let the kids have half a day of study today since it is Easter weekend and the weather was nice. They played outside for the rest of the afternoon. Our neighbour built a goal-post outside in the front yard so that Devon (and the rest of the neighbours) can use it when they have a kickabout. How kind is that! My neighbour is a carpenter and I always see him outside sawing or hammering pieces of wood. My neighbours are so lovely!

My Sainsbury’s grocery delivery came this afternoon. I am registered as a vulnerable customer and therefore get priority delivery slots – so today I got my much anticipated order. The only thing was I didn’t get everything I asked for which was bothersome and they also tried to substitute kidney beans with mushrooms! How are they the same? Now that just spoilt my meal plans for the week.

If all had gone to plan, I would be in Wales right now … in a beautiful cottage with some of my closest friends … it would have been an amazing Easter weekend, all day bbqs … the kids running around care-free and just spending quality time with some of my favourite people. But no, coronavirus had other ideas! Who knows when we’ll get to re-organise a trip away. We were hoping maybe in the summer holidays we might be able to go somewhere, but at this rate I don’t think so.

The hubby cooked dinner tonight. My husband loves noodle soup and made an amazing duck and noodle soup tonight. It was just what I needed to warm up my body.

Duck noodle soup

Stay safe everyone – stay home and look after each other.

~ Boss Mum (and family) xxx

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