The Lockdown – Day 20: Officially Rundown

9th April 2020 – Thursday

I couldn’t sleep last night. I wasn’t feeling too great … hot and cold flushes and feeling restless. I managed to drift off to sleep around 5am only to wake up again at 8am for breakfast and home schooling. I felt awful this morning. My asthma was playing up, my bones were cold and I was super tired. I managed to drag myself downstairs and made a big pot of congee – savoury minced meat porridge. That is my go to meal for when I am feeling under the weather. I took a swig of Day Nurse and managed to do some home schooling with the kids. Day Nurse is my saviour and always perks me up when I feel under the weather. An hour later I was feeling a lot better. The chills in my bones had gone and I managed to do some cleaning.

I heard some sad news today. My darling cousin’s grandad died yesterday of Covid-19. This is the first person I know that has had it and even died from it. He was old and my cousin said he had a full and happy life which makes the sadness a little easier to bare.

It makes me feel so sad that the virus is getting closer to home. Keep safe everyone!

I didn’t cook anything fancy for dinner so we all just had congee. Luckily, my kids love congee so they were happy with that. Sometimes it is ok to eat simple food. And this is as simple Asian food as you can get.

Congee with  minced pork, fried shallots and spring onions

In the evening we had a movie night … we watched Jojo Rabbit. Me and Skye went to watch it in the cinema a couple of months ago and we absolutely fell in love with the film. Funny but sad at the same time. So we put it on for Devon and the hubby to watch … we thought that Devon might like it, but he couldn’t really get in to it … too much dialogue and not enough action for him, he was getting restless. Hubby loved it … he said it was a deep story with added humour. In short it is about a little boy living in Germany during the reign of Hitler and the Nazi regime. The boy, Jojo had an imaginary friend who was in fact Hitler himself. I definitely recommend it … such a poignant theme but done so well.

I hope you all had a lovely day, the weather was amazing! Stay safe, stay home!

~ Boss Mum (and family) xxx

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