The Lockdown Day 18: Lockdown Weight Gains

7th April 2020 – Tuesday

Another day of home schooling … and also the kids’ Kumon teacher did a Zoom online session with them to make sure they are on the right track. Skye is doing really well and is currently beginning to learn about algebra (she’s 11 years old) and Devon is struggling a little with long division using the bus stop method (he’s 8 years old). I recommend Kumon to anyone with young children. It has helped my children so much, they are now fluent in their timetables and have such a broader knowledge of maths than what is taught in their school.

The weather was really warm today and it was super sunny. In amongst the home schooling and Kumon, the kids managed to squeeze in and hour or two of outdoor playing which they love to do. I spoke to my neighbour the other day … he said that it was nice to hear the kids playing outside together and he can tell Skye is the bossy one because of the way she bosses her brother around all the time.

It is officially the Easter Holidays … I contemplated for a while whether or not to continue with the home schooling during the holidays. I decided to continue with it because if they didn’t do it then they would just be sitting on the iPads all day and not being productive. My kids are good kids and just get on with it. No complaints, tantrums or meltdowns about “when is this all going to be over?“, “when can we go back to school?“, “I want to go to school and play with my friends!” etc. I am blessed that they understand what is going on outside of the walls of this house and understand our need to stay home for as long as possible.

They actively participate in the clapping for the NHS on Thursday evenings!

I called my mum today to check up on her. She lives with my dad and my younger brother on the other side of Hackney … not far but not too close actually. My mum is disabled (after having a stroke about 20 years ago) so she is not too mobile and doesn’t go out too much anyway. My dad is a super fit and mobile 70 year old … he still drives and cooks for my mum, runs errands and such. He pops to the supermarket every now and then. I am fortunate that my brother lives with them so I don’t have to worry too much about them. My brother works for one of the supermarkets and often comes home with supplies for them. He also runs errand for my parents when they need medication or essentials. My parents also get regular calls from family members (I have a super big family) so they are fortunate than alot of people who are living alone and don’t have anyone.

As I said earlier, I spent all day in the kitchen. I have been very active lately in my kitchen, cooking and recipe testing … posting pictures of my delicious food on Instagram and now posting recipes on this blog. It’s been a fun experience and I am enjoying it! I’m hoping to continue the recipe blogging after the lockdown, but when I go back to work I am not sure how much time I will have to do so?

Today I made “Pate Chaud” which is a Vietnamese hot meat pasty, I also made a banana and chocolate loaf and chicken makhani curry with homemade chapatis! See, I told you I was busy! Check out my Instagram to see what I’ve been up to in my kitchen today.

My friend asked me if I have gotten fat yet from all the good food I have been cooking and obviously consuming … I don’t think I am going to come out of this lockdown a size 6 that’s for sure!

Hope you are all well, stay safe and stay home.

Lot’s of love to you!

~ Boss Mum (and family) xxx

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