The Lockdown Day 17: When Only A Cardboard Box Will Do

6th April 2020 – Monday

The start of the third week for us has begun. Not really sure what day of the week it is sometimes … when you have a routine and it is pretty much the same every weekday, all the days seem to merge into one big long day. At least the days are getting warmer and longer so the kids can spend a little longer outside playing.

You know what … during this lockdown I haven’t ordered many things online because I didn’t want to put our delivery drivers at risk. I use to always order stuff online particularly from Amazon or Ebay… but lately I haven’t really ordered anything unless it is something I really need.

The point that I am trying to get to is that my Skye and Devon love love love cardboard boxes. The bigger the box the better.

I had a couple of boxes from some orders that have come in recently. I alway leave the boxes for the kids to play with. Devon in particular has been keeping himself busy with some cardboard boxes and a roll of brown tape. After home schooling was over he was busy making himself a backpack and also what can only be described as a box on cardboard stilts. I don’t know how to even explain it because I don’t even know what it actually was. He basically sat in it and watched tv from it.

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Who needs toys when a cardboard box will do

For lunch I tried my hand at banh cuon (steamed rice rolls with pork mince) again. I am on a mission to perfect this recipe. It went well and I made quite a few of them. I want to get them as thin as possible too so I will persevere and keep at it until it becomes second nature. At least we got a dinner out of it.

Coronavirus update: Boris Johnson is now in intensive care due to the coronavirus. Well, if our Prime Minister has caught the virus then it doesn’t get any more real than that does it?

Lots of love to you … stay safe as always.

~ Boss Mum (and family) xxx

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