The Lockdown – Day 16: Prayer Day

5th April 2020 – Sunday

I forgot to mention that yesterday was the festival “Ching Ming” or loosely translated as the “Tombsweeping Day” in the Chinese calendar. It is one of the most important days of the year.

It is the day where we remember our ancestors and visit their graves.

It is tradition to visit the graves of your loved ones, clean their graves, burn incense and make offerings of food and wine. My brother passed away 7 years ago and he is buried in East London cemetary. We visit his grave ever year around this time.

However, this year we were not able to make the visit. The coronavirus has us all on lockdown so most of us are praying and making offerings from home. The cemetary itself is currently closed to visitors anyway unless you are attending a funeral, so even if we did want to go we wouldn’t have been allowed entry.

This afternoon, the hubby made some food and we burnt the incense and some holy paper in the garden. The kids love burning the holy paper. I guess it’s the only time they are allowed to burn paper for fun. When this lockdown is all over … the first thing I’m going to do is visit my brother and give his grave a spring cleaning … although the way things are going right now it could be a lot later in the year.

Burning holy paper

The weather was amazing today. It was so warm … we had a mini heatwave which was nice. It was 21°C … how lovely is that? The kids spent the afternoon in the front yard playing which I am grateful that they have the space to do so.

A video is circulating online of London Field’s park busy with people picnicing and hanging out in large groups. It beggers beyond belief that people are still not taking this seriously and that they think that the social distancing rules do not apply to them. They will close all the parks eventually and then where will they go? This lockdown is going to go on for most of the year at this rate. People just are not listening and taking it seriously.

Anyway, I hope you are all well and staying safe and more importantly staying indoors.

Much love to you all.

~ Boss Mum (and family) xxx

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