The Lockdown – Day 10: The Start Of A New Week

30th March 2020 – Monday

Hello Monday morning … and a new week has begun!

To be honest, today is the same as any other day. I have been feeling particularly anxious today. Feeling really unsettled. Very antsy … very agitated. My hubby in particularly has been annoying the hell out of me. Like seriously … why are you breathing near me? It’s been like that all week!

Another day and another few hours of home schooling. Skye was particularly grumpy this afternoon and had a moody face. She was getting stuck on some maths questions and I guess my math skills were not good enough for her so she had a little sulk. Devon was ok though … he made a comic story about a man who found a leg and was hungry so he ate the leg. Yep … that was his story. He actually loves making comics and drawing so he particularly enjoyed this task.

For lunch Devon requested a simple tuna salad. He’s a good boy and does love eating his veggies. Skye had chicken nuggets and chips. She loves beige food. She is not a big lover of vegetables although I do put some on her plate at every meal and force her to eat them. I think the vegetable she hates the most is cucumbers … I don’t understand why because cucumbers don’t have a strong taste. Who knows!

For dinner I made a hearty cottage pie. For a long time I just called it shepherd’s pie but then I found out that cottage pie is made from minced beef and shepherd’s pie is made from minced lamb. Is your mind blown? It was really comforting and filling and really hit the spot. Hubby had the left over stew from yesterday with some egg noodles.

For dessert I made “che ba mau” which is a Vietnamese three colour dessert. It consists of layers of mung bean, kidney beans, green pandan jelly and lots of coconut sauce. I garnished it with some chopped roasted peanuts and ice. It is my favourite dessert and I can eat it by the bucket full.

Hearty cottage pie and my favourite Vietnamese dessert – Three Colour Dessert

By popular request I will be sharing some of my recipes on this blog. I’ve had a lot of support and compliments on the meals that I have been sharing on Instagram and thought it would be a good a time as any to begin building up my blog and share my food with the world.

So I hope you hit the follow button and join me on this culinary journey.

Head over to my Instagram page where you can see what I have been up to in my kitchen. Don’t forget to hit that follow button below to get alerts on new blog posts and leave me a comment to let me know you popped by. I love receiving mail!

I hope you are all staying safe wherever you are. Stay safe and look after each other and remember this pandemic won’t last forever if we all do our bit!

~ Boss Mum (and family) xxx

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Mother, cook and cake making addict ... life is better with a slice of cake or three. Follow me on my journey of sweet treats, food and adventures.

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