The Lockdown – Day 9: Sunday Funday!

29th March 2020 – Sunday

Doesn’t it feel like every day is the same? I don’t even know what day it is anymore … Sunday? Feels like a Sunday everyday.

I woke up late again today … it being a Sunday I thought I deserved it. Did you know that the clocks went forward in the early hours of the morning. I forgot about it until all of a sudden it was 2am and was like …what!? Well summer time has officially begun. The days are getting longer and the air is getting warmer. In the light of the current situation, we won’t know when we will get to enjoy the change in the season. They say the lockdown will probably continue for at least another couple of months.

I just want it all over by the summer … that’s all I’m asking for. Am I being too hopeful?

How have you all been coping with the social distancing anyway? I’ve seen pictures of the queues in the supermarkets and I am glad that for the next couple of weeks I do not have to make that journey. I pre-booked a couple of weeks’ worth of online grocery deliveries from Tesco. I booked them when there were slots still available a few weeks ago. Now, if you try and go online to book a slot it is impossible. No slots available … so disappointing considering I have been a loyal grocery delivery customer for years! I also registered on the government website as a vulnerable customer due to my underlying health issues … fingers crossed that gets approved and I will be able to shop on Sainsburys online (they are only delivering to vulnerable customers). All this is giving me such anxiety and stress … and have you seen those pictures of people throwing away food? Packs of fresh foods, breads and such can be seen filling up the bins around the country. People have stock-piled so much food and of course are not able to eat the mountains of food that they have bought and have resorted to throwing them away. I am speechless! That just sums up everything that is wrong with this country.

Luckily, I also have an account with Ocado and they seem to be giving priority to existing customers (they are not taking new customers). I love Ocado because their range is insane … pricier but insane. They actually have yeast in stock! That’s right …yeast and bread flour! Do you know that yeast is sold out everywhere and bread flour is hard to come by to? But my trusted Ocado has it in stock so I made sure I booked myself a slot pronto!

Today for lunch me and hubby had left over banh xeo. The kids had wonton soup. I am emphasising to my family that we need to eat the leftovers. No wastage. For dinner I made “bo kho” which is a braised beef stew. It is similar to an English beef stew, but the subtle difference is in the use of star and anise and cinnamon. It gives the stew a lovely warming flavour. It was served with white rice.

I also noticed that I had a pack of stale bread sitting in the corner of my kitchen, so I made my hubby’s favourite “bread pudding”. It is a great way to use leftover stale bread which would otherwise be thrown away. It is so simple to make and keeps in a tin for a few days. I ate it with a big dollop of chocolate ice-cream. It was divine!

Bread Pudding and Chinese Beef Stew

Tomorrow is the start of a new week. I aim to wake up bright and early and ready for another gruesome week of home schooling. I am dreading it, but I know I got to persevere and keep it up. How are you all coping with home schooling? Are you tearing your hair out yet?

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I hope you are all staying safe wherever you are. Stay safe and look after each other and remember this pandemic won’t last forever if we all do our bit!

~ Boss Mum (and family) xxx

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