The Lockdown – Day 8: The Boredom Is Starting To Sink In

28th March 2020 – Saturday

The weather is a bit colder today. I felt the chill when the kids were playing in the garden this morning. The air felt damp and my asthma started playing up. Great stuff! Skye was particularly bored today. I decided not to do any home-schooling on a weekend as I think as a family we all needed a break from the schedule. The kids did arts and crafts today as well as playing football in the front yard. I ordered a load of arts and craft goodies from Baker Ross. From canvases, stickers, paints, bag painting, box making as well as a super cool solar system making kit for Devon. That should keep them occupied for a little while, although I did warn them not to do them all at once. Pace it out so that it lasts for at least a couple of weeks. This home schooling lark has become very expensive, from food to fun!

The lockdown is breaking the bank.

I heard Skye talking to her best friend on the phone earlier and they were both complaining about how bored they were … they didn’t know what to do with themselves. The kids of today do not know how good they have it. Imagine being in lockdown all those years ago when all you had to keep you company was a four channel television set. No facetime, no internet, no Netflix. Lockdown is so hard right?

Today was also especially eventful in the kitchen. My Tesco delivery came this morning and they have now limited it to only 80 items! Eeeeekk … I normally buy a lot more than that. I guess it will be a good chance for me to purge and plan instead of buying a whole load of things and hoping for the best.

So today I made wontons for lunch. Such a simple thing to make and freezes really well. I bought some pre-made wonton wrappers (these can be bought in most Chinese grocery shops). I then filled them with a simple mixture of pork mince and prawns. I folded the meat mixture into the wrappers and attempted some fancy folds. I think they came out great! When the kids were ready to eat, I boiled a few of them up and added them to a humble bowl of ramen noodles. They were really delicious and the kids ate loads of them.

For dinner I made “banh xeo” which is a crispy pancake filled with pork belly slices, prawns, bean sprouts and fresh herbs. Banh xeo is quite a light meal and not usually had for dinner, but lately I have been watching what I eat and trying not to overload myself with too much carbs. It was quite healthy as we had it with a side of fresh salad.

Wontons and Banh Xeo – crispy pancakes filled with pork and prawns

The coronavirus is still going strong. They are transforming the Excel Centre in Docklands into a temporary hospital to house around 4,000 patients. The government is preparing for the peak to hit us in about two or three weeks time. They are also transforming similar buildings in Birmingham and Manchester. In China during their worst period they build hospitals within 10 days! That’s right … 10 days! That’s just crazy to comprehend. They build around 16 of them, but apparently now that China is over the worst of it, they are slowly closing all of the temporary hospitals. China are slowly getting back to normal reporting low infection numbers lately. Now they can sit back and watch the rest of the world panic!

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I hope you are all staying safe wherever you are. Stay safe and look after each other and remember this pandemic won’t last forever if we all do our bit!

~ Boss Mum (and family) xxx

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