The Lockdown – Day 7: 7 Is A Lucky Number Right?

27th March 2020 – Friday

So it’s been 7 days already. 7 days self-isolation. 7 days of being stuck indoors with my husband who is finding it really difficult to stay motivated and is just falling asleep all over the place … and he’s been eating non-stop too … he is literally eating me out of house and home. And to think that it was the kids I was more worried about feeding!

Today was a good day (under the circumstances). The weather was great and the kids spent most of the day in the garden. Devon was making a cardboard costume which was super cute. He looked like a transformer. Skye spent the day painting. She loves arty things and told me she wants to be an art teacher. I don’t have a massive garden and at the moment it is a bit of a mess … overgrown weeds, empty plant pots and a rusty bbq set in the corner. I was supposed to have the window-glazers coming out during the Easter holidays to replace all my windows and to install lovely bi-folding doors in my kitchen. It’s been postponed until … well I don’t even know when. I’m a bit bummed by it because I was supposed to be decking out my little garden too so that it could be ready for the summer. Damn you coronavirus … you really know how to put a spanner in the works!

I sent the hubby to the Chinese cash and carry today. I needed more supplies so he popped down to Hoo Hing in Leyton. He said it was quiet in there and not a lot of stock on the shelves, but he managed to pick up most of the things on the list.

Today I was craving dim sum. As a family, dim sum is one of our favourite things to eat. So today I made Skye’s favourite dim sum dish. These beauties are called “Ham Siu Kok” (not sure of the accurate spelling or translation) and are a type of dumpling. The dumpling casing is slightly sweet and sticky and the filling is a savoury minced meat mixture. When you first bite into it you get this instant crispy texture … then the stickiness touches your teeth before the savoury meat filling fills your mouth. It tastes amazing! This is the first time I’ve tried making these so they were not restaurant standard. Although they looked a little oddly shaped, they did taste great. My husband ate the whole bowl full with a side of chilli oil. He loved them!

Mince meat savoury croquettes

News update … Boris Johnson has got the coronavirus. He made the announcement today. I’ll just leave that right there.

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I hope you are all staying safe wherever you are. Stay safe and look after each other and remember this pandemic won’t last forever if we all do our bit! We need each other now more than ever before.

~ Boss Mum (and family) xxx

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