The Lockdown – Day 1: Anxiety and Bread

21st March 2020 – Saturday

It’s been almost 3 months since the first case of the coronavirus (Covid-19) was noted in China. Since then, hundreds of thousands of people have been infected and thousands of people have died around the world. There is a lot of fake news out there which is hard to control and causes panic and anxiety in those particularly with mental health issues. What we do know is that it is a very infectious virus and currently there is no known vaccine for it.

For the sake of my mental health, I have decided not to read the news too much. The constant bombardment of new cases and deaths on a daily basis has started to trigger my anxiety. So I am going to stay ignorant in my bubble for a while. [Hackney has recorded 52 cases so far … check your area on the BBC website if you’re curious].

So I thought I’d create this mini blog on what the day to day life is like in our household during our lockdown. An online diary if you will … a record of the pandemic that will (hopefully) only happen once in our lifetime. I hope it provides some comfort to you knowing that you are not alone.

The Beginning

We live in Hackney, East London UK. My husband has been on lockdown from work since Monday the 16th March. He works for Transport for London and they have closed his office, he is now working from home. I have been on lockdown since Wednesday the 18th of March. I work for the civil service so our doors will remain open throughout this pandemic, but I have underlying health issues so I was sent home on medical grounds. My kids, Skye who is a super mature 11 year old girl and my adorable 8 year old boy Devon finished their last day of school yesterday. Their school will be closed until further notice, but their doors remain open for the children of keyworkers and those who are entitled to free school meals.

For the purpose of this blog I am going to count today as Day 1 of our lockdown. So far there have been no tears or tantrums. Skye usually has gymnastics at Little Socks Gymnastics today but it has been cancelled until after the Easter school holidays (at the earliest). Devon usually has a piano lesson at East London Piano School but they are now carrying out their lessons via Facetime or Skype. I had to stand there holding my phone trying to film the lesson in my son’s bedroom. It went well but my wrist was achy after a little while.

By the afternoon Skye was getting restless and I can see in her face that she wanted to go out. She loves going out and this will be a challenge for her. Devon loves home and is happy to stay home and chill out so I think he will be ok. We have a little garden where he can go outside and practice his kickups.

Food Shortages

This morning I noticed that we were low on bread and I couldn’t be bothered to pop out to go get some at our local cornershop. The last time I sent my hubby he said there was no white bread and he came back with brown bread which the kids hated.

So I had flour and yeast in my cupboard so I thought I’d whip up this beauty, a crusty white cob loaf. I haven’t made bread in a while because it is time consuming, but it is worth it. Crusty on the outside but soft and fluffy on the inside. It was delicious and my family devoured it.

Crusty white cob loaf

I guess this will be our life for the forseeable future. I am fortunate enough to have the equipment and knowledge to bake so you will see alot more homemade yumminess.

Head over to my Instagram page where you can see what I have been up to in my kitchen. Don’t forget to hit that follow button below to get alerts on new blog posts and leave me a comment to let me know you popped by. I love receiving mail!

I hope you are all staying safe wherever you are. Stay safe and look after each other and remember this pandemic won’t last forever if we all do our bit! We need each other now more than ever before.

~ Boss Mum (and family) xxx

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Mother, cook and cake making addict ... life is better with a slice of cake or three. Follow me on my journey of sweet treats, food and adventures.

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