Baby Shower Cake – The Naked Way

As I have continued on my journey of cakes and bakes I have realised that the most beautiful cakes are the most simplest. I use to think that the more you can add to a cake the more WOW it would look. I reality, the more you add to the cake, imperfect your cake can be. The simplest cakes are the hardest because there is nowhere to hide. You have nothing to cover those little flaws. Everything is right there for the world to see. Now those are the hardest cakes.

I had the pleasure of making this beautiful cake for a chic baby shower. The simplicity of the vanilla naked cake gently resting on the faux wooden board give the whole theme a rustic and nature inspiring aura.

Four tiers of super soft and light vanilla sponge with a semi-sweet Swiss meringue buttercream filling. The minimal covering of buttercream gives the whole cake a naked cake look which is very on trend at the moment.

The cake is finished off with some sprigs of “Silver Dollar” eucalypus leaves. The lovely lady that had commissioned this cake had bought a “Baby Shower” cake topper. She had told me that once she had seen the beauty of the cake in it’s current form she opted to omit the cake topper. The cake simpy didn’t need it. She loved it!

Until next week …

~ The Cake Lady xxx

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