How To Make A Burger Cake

My son turned 8 years old this week and I am feeling melancholy. I was looking back at his old baby pictures and reminisced about those baby days. The endless drooling, laughing in his sleep and eating everything in sight. He was just the cutest. My mother nicked named him “Pomelo” because his head was so round.

orange citrus fruit
Pomelo fruit

He was such a good baby … eight days overdue but labour was only 3 hours. He was always so funny, smiling all the time and always laughing. Even at 8 years old he still makes me laugh everyday.

IMG_9380My baby at 6 months old – just look at that drool

Fast forward to this eight year old … nowadays he’s all grown up. Super sensitive but still oh so funny. He loves to ask questions and is super inquisitive. He’s saving up his money to buy a set of encyclopaedias. This nerd makes me laugh.

So for his eighth birthday I asked him what he wanted to do to celebrate. He chose to go trampolining with his friends. We chose Gravity in Bluewater. It’s one of the nicer trampoline parks. Spacious, clean and the staff are super friendly. Included in the party package is a kids meal. He had the choice from Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Nandos, Pizza Express or hotdogs. My son loves burgers so he choose the Gourmet Burger option. So in keeping with his preference, I decided to make a burger cake.

I was so excited to make this cake because it something that I hadn’t made before so it was a great challenge.


The bread buns were made of banana cake, covered with a light layer of Swiss meringue buttercream covered with some “Autumn Leaf” Sugarflair colour paste. I also painted the burger buns with some brown colourpaste and topped the top bun wiith some little fondant  sesame seeds.

The burger patties were made from rice puff cereal, melted marshmallows and some melted chocolate. The ingredients were all mixed in a large bowl then moulded into a large patty shape which was slightly bigger than the burger bun.

The “meat patties” were then layered on to the banana cake “bread bun“, alternating with yellow fondant cheese, fondant tomatoes, fondant onion and fondant lettuce. The burger was finished with with some red buttercream ketchup, yellow buttercream mustard and with some vanilla biscuits on the side.


I particularly loved the fondant sesame seeds on top of the bun. It made the burger bun look more realistic.

The fondant lettuce was particularly fun to make. I simply coloured some fondant using some Sugarflair Kiwi and Lemon yellow colour. Then the fondant was rolled really thin and using a Wilton impression mat. This is really robust mat with various imprints for flowers and leaves. I used the leaf imprint and pressed my fondant onto it. I used a sharp knife to cut out a leaf shape about the size of my hand. I then let the fondant leaf dry on some scrunched up kitchen paper.

For the vanilla chips I simply made a batch of simple vanilla biscuits and cut them into long thing rectangles which resembles the size and shape of chips. Once baked, I dusted them with some cinnamon sugar to give it more of a shaded look. The vanilla biscuit chips were then stacked onto the side of the burger, stuck in place with a little royal icing, simply made from icing sugar and water.


This was my first attempt at making this type of cake, and I must say I absolutely loved every minute of it. I guess it’s because it is different to some of the usual cakes I make. It was so much fun!


As always, my cakes are always the stars of the show. My boy had an amazing time at his birthday party. Until next year …

Lots of love

~ The Cake Lady xx



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