12 Best Cake Related Jokes …

Laughter is the best medicine they say.

I actually think that cake is the best medicine … you can’t eat laughter can you?

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My son loves telling jokes, not all are that funny but I laugh just to humour him. It made me think about how simple a few words cleverly put together can make the whole room laugh.

So on a quest to make you laugh today, I have compiled a small selection of the funniest cake related jokes … brace yourself!

Joke 1: Why did the student eat their homework?
A: Because their teacher said it was a piece of cake!

Joke 2: Why was the birthday cake as hard as a rock?
A: Because it was a marble cake!

Joke 3: What do they serve at birthday parties in heaven?
A: Angel food cake!

Joke 4: Why couldn’t the teddy bear finish his cake?
A: Because he was stuffed!

Joke 5: “It’s been an emotional day … even the cake is in tiers!”.

Joke 6: Why do birthdays make kangaroos unhappy?
A: They only get to celebrate them in leap years!

Joke 7: I got a fantastic stereo made of cake … it’s a gateau blaster!

Joke 8: What is yellow and swings from cake to cake?
A: Tarzipan!

Joke 9: My Christmas cake has recently gone missing … I’ve reported it stollen!
(This is actually my favourite joke!)

Joke 10: What is an elf’s favourite kind of birthday cake?
A: Shortcake!

Joke 11: What do you call a baker with a cold?
A: Coughee cake!

And finally …

Joke 12: I really make bad cake jokes … because everyone tells me to make batter ones!

I hope these little jokes cheered you up. They certainly made me giggle!

Don’t forget to leave a comment, tell me what is your favourite cake related joke!




~ The Cake Lady xx

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