National Unicorn Day

Have you noticed that there is now a day for everything? For example, I recently discovered a “Don’t Go To Work Unless It’s Fun Day” on the 3rd of April (yes I’m not kidding here), “Read A Road Map Day” on the 5th of April and even … wait for it … “No Housework Day” on the 7th of April. Now that is my kind of day.

With the influx of unicorn paraphenalia, it was inevitable that National Unicorn Day was bound to happen. It was National Unicorn Day on the 9th of April and here is my contribution to the day.


I love making unicorn cakes. There is something fun and magical about making them. They are actually my most requested cake theme and I can see why. This particular beauty is a six layer rainbow sponge covered in Swiss meringue buttercream and finished with meringue kisses, sugar balls and a whole lot of magic.

Here are some fun facts that I have dug out about the “elusive” unicorn:

  1. Unicorns do not have wings so don’t get them confused with Pegasus which is a winged horse.
  2. Unicorn horns have a name … Alicorns.
  3. Unicorns live in groups of at least 4. They don’t like to travel alone.
  4. The unicorn’s eyes are either blue or purple … they change according to their mood.
  5. Unicorns are known to eat grass, but their favourite food are rainbow marshmallows.
  6. They poop out rainbows and fart out rainbow sprinkles.
  7. A baby unicorn is called a Sparkle.
  8. If you see a unicorn it will bring you good luck.
  9. Unicorn tears have amazing healing powers.
  10. Unicorns never die.



What is your favourite fun fact about unicorns or what weird and wonderful national days have you discovered? Drop me a comment, I would love to hear from you.

Love from

~ The Cake Lady xx

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