It’s Never Too Young To Start Baking

My daughter Skye loves to bake and will often ask if she can help me when I’m in the middle of a cake project. Did you know that when she grows up she wants to be a baker? I was hoping for something more academic like a doctor or a lawyer of some sort … but hey, nothing wrong with being a baker!

So this weekend I let her loose in the kitchen and she made some cupcakes. I’m very impressed. She’s 10 years old and followed my recipe and pretty much put these beauties together herself … and they actually tasted really good.


Her little cupcake sketch. She’s a bit of a planner girl and likes to make lists and drafts of things she has to do.


Preparation is key. The bowls are lined up and ready to go …

She starts by mixing some food colour pastes into some bowls with a dash of milk.


Skye opted for a little elbow grease power and started creaming the butter and sugar by hand. “Is this how they did it in the olden days when you were younger because there was no electricity?” Say what now?! I’m not that old!


The butter and sugar is then added to a bowl of plain flour with added baking powder. A splash of milk is added and the batter was mixed until smooth.


I was so impressed that the cupcake batter was really well mixed together and smooth. The cupcake batter was then evenly distributed between the bowls of colour paste and mixed well until combined.

The colours look so pretty. She omitted the blue because she said she “wasn’t feeling it today“.

Skye filled the cupcake cakes with spoonfuls of different coloured batter. I popped them in the oven for her for around 25 minutes until they were cooked through.


After they were cooked, they were set aside to cool.

Forgetting that my daughter wanted to bake this weekend, I had run out of icing sugar (and I couldn’t be bothered to run out and get some). So a great alternative to buttercream was some melted chocolate and sprinkles.


You can never have enough sprinkles.


The verdict?

They were really moist and fluffy with a great vanilla flavour. I was really impressed. Sugar and Sponge’s first apprentice. I approve!

My daughter Skye enjoying the fruits of her labour.


My baby boy Devon was very  impressed and thoroughly enjoyed them.

I think it is great for kids to show an interest in any type of cooking or baking. It gives them an understanding of how their food is made and where their food comes from. Getting them stuck into cooking and baking beats sitting on the tablet or computer consoles all day! My kids had a fun and productive afternoon!

Until next week …

~ The Cake Lady xx


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