I’ve been baking for a few years now and I guess the main goal of any business is to make your customers happy. I mean, that is the end goal right?

For this weeks blog I wanted to focus on some of the work I have done and the testimonials. Not all customers leave feedback, which is fine. But when they do leave a positive testimonial, it’s such a great feeling. Knowing that the person that you have baked for thinks your work is actually good.

There are hundreds of bakers out there and all bakers are different. When a customer queries ” … but why are your cakes more expensive than xyz?” All bakers are different. They use different ingredients. Their recipes are different. Their work methods are different. The flavour and style of a cake will differ from baker to baker … so finding one that suits your tastebuds and style is like finding that little pot of gold at the end of that sweet rainbow.

So here are some of my projects and the amazing (genuine) testimonials I have received. I am proud and grateful for each one of them.


IMG_2491Two tier Peter Rabbit cake in flavours of Cookies + Cream and Carrot.
“Best cake everrr!!! Sugar and Sponge truly outdone themselves once again!!! Thank you.”  – Miss K.


38509174_10157795078138902_8251942278080233472_oSimple gold leaf cake with fresh flowers and matching cupcakes in chocolate flavour.
“Cakes made with passion and a touch of love … exceedingly delicious” – Mr T.


IMG_1500Lilac buttercream cake with gold leaf and gold drip with fresh flowers in vanilla flavour.
“It was beautiful inside and tasted absolutely delicious” – Miss B.


IMG_1390Naked cake with chocolate drip and fresh flowers in banana flavour.
“Thank you so much for doing an amazing job. Everyone loved it especially me!” – Miss M.


IMG_9592Pacman cake in chocolate flavour.
“Better than I expected, I think this is the best cake you have made.” – Miss K.


IMG_9763Kawaii ice cream sundae cake with assorted handmade fondant biscuits.
” … great cake and tasted amazing.” – Miss A.


IMG_1537Woodland tree-trunk cake with fresh flowers and a handmade fondant fox.
” … and not to mention delicious.” – Miss D.


IMG_1468Teddy bear cake in carrot and walnut flavour.
“Such a beautiful and tasty cake … absolutely loved the cake and cupcakes.” – Miss L.


Swimming pool cake in chocolate flavour.
“Thank you for such an amazing cake!!!” – Miss K.


IMG_6615The Hungry Caterpillar cake in chocolate flavour.
” … we loved it and it tasted so nice.” – Miss A.


Until next week, where I’ll be creating something a little special.

See you then.

~ The Cake Lady xx



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