Night Out – The Piano Works …

I took a little break from baking at the weekend because mumma needed a night on the town! I don’t go out often because my children keep me busy … and asking for childcare help is something I find quite hard to do at times. But once in a while a friend would twist my arm and next thing you know, I am curling my hair and spritzing that perfume. I always dread going out (I guess it’s my social anxieties that get the better of me) but I pushed myself to put one foot in front of the other and just get out of that door.

So Saturday night, the kids we packed up and shipped off to my dear sister-in-law’s for the night. Me, the hubby and some dear friends booked a table at The Piano Works in Farringdon, London. The concept was simple. The pianists and musicians only play songs requested by the audience. And the music is live and non-stop! Oh … and there is also a three course meal somewhere amongst all the fun and frivolities. What’s not to love right!?

Donning some heels and a warm jacket, we headed off in the car into the night.

Farringdon is located in Central London … and is situated amongst all the trendy bars and nightclubs. It was raining and a little bit on the chilly side, but we braved the weather and made our way there.

We got there about 7pm and there was no queue to get in! I thought this was great as I hated queuing up for anything. The bouncers on the door looked a little intimidating and insisted on checking inside my little bag. My bag was full of junk so I don’t think the bouncer could be bothered to ask me to empty it all out. A complimentary stamp on the hand later … we were shown to our booth. It wasn’t the greatest of seating areas as it was situated behind the live band, so I had to crank my neck to get a view.


First things first … I needed a drink. I don’t drink alcohol so I had a coke, but they did offer a glass of free prosecco – this was part of the meal.

I found it to be very noisy at the The Piano Works – the live bar was great but extremely loud. I also didn’t like the fact that whilst we were sitting there, people were randomly standing around near us … watching us eat! It was a bar after all.

Belly rumbling slightly, it was time for food … for starters I ordered a mango, avocado salad with wild honey and tamari dressing.


To be fair, it wasn’t the best salad I’ve had … the dressing was a bit sparse but I loved the pumpkin seeds and freshly chopped mangos.

For my main course … I had the pork ribs which was glazed with a lovely bbq sauce. The meat just fell off the bone and was so soft and succulent. I couldn’t get enough of it!


The chips were not very impressive though and the accompanying salad was mediocre but the ribs more than made up for it.

For dessert I ordered the chocolate mousse. But silly me forgot to take a picture of it. It was basically a chocolate mousse in the shape of a pyramid. It was lovely, if not a bit too rich. My friend ordered the gluten free strawberry cheesecake and it was so amazing! I ended up eating half of that instead.


In the midst of all this food and merriment we had to choose songs for the live jukebox. We were given stacks of these little forms. You had to write a song request on it and an optional message. We got carried away and ended up filling out about a dozen of these little slips of paper. The waiter handed the slips of paper to the live band. In all fairness, the whole night, we only heard two of our requests … “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson and “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” by Whitney Houston. They were brilliant renditions I must say! A slight faux pas on our side, we did choose ballads like “She’s Like The Wind” from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack and “Flying Without Wings” by Westlife. Not your ideal songs for a dance to a live band.


After the meal, we headed on to the dance floor to get a close look at the band. I noticed some people handing in their requests forms with a cheeky £5 attached! Ahhhhh, so that’s how you get your song played!

My husband always mocks me by saying I have no sense of spacial awareness. I walk around in my little bubble oblivious to the world. Tonight was a prime example! At the bar I started to slowly walk backwards, I was trying to take photos of the live band … next thing you know I hear someone behind me shouting “No, Noooooo!”. I turn around and I see a waitress standing there … and I swear the colour drained from her face. It seemed like it was all happening in slow motion … the drinks on her tray slowly one by one toppled over. I don’t know why I thought it was a good idea to try and save the drinks! I reached out to try and grab the glasses but they were unsalvable. She stood there – she looked so deflated and was like “oh my god!” and shook her head at me. If looks could kill, she gave me the dirtiest of looks and walked back towards the bar.

I headed over to my hubby who stood there and was also shaking his head at me. Did I forget mention that I spilt my drink all over the table at the end of our dinner? Yep, that did happen. The drink went all over the chair and there was ice slipping and sliding everywhere. So it wasn’t a good night for me and drinks. My husband jokingly asked if I wanted to get kicked out of the bar for being a nuisance.

For the rest of the evening, I tried to stay out of the way of people … the aforementioned waitress gave me dirty looks everytime she passed me. Eeeeeek! I was telling the story to my friend at work, and she said that most bars charge the waiters and waitresses for spillages. It gets taken out of their wages! It was an accident -I do feel bad!

We didn’t stay for too long anyway. I had to go pick up my kids from my sister-in-laws. It was a great excuse to leave early. My kids usually sleep at their aunties when me and hubby go out for the evening, but my son is going through a phase where he’s not sleeping properly so he wanted to come home to mummy cuddles.

All in all … it was a great night. Great food and great friends … and a brilliant atmosphere (minus the dirty looks)!

See you next week!

~ The Cake Lady xxx


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