PROJECT: How To Make A Rabbit Cake Topper

After a long Christmas and New Year break, I was super excited to be asked to make this cake for my nephews first birthday. It was an honour to make a beautiful Peter Rabbit inspired two tier cake with flavours of carrot & walnut and cookies and cream … I was ready to get stuck in! I wanted to make sure this cake was perfect and to start the new year with a bang!

The hardest part of the cake was to make the rabbit itself. Here’s how I made the rabbit …

First things first, I made the body. I rolled some brown coloured fondant and moulded the fondant into almost a cone shape.

img_2311 I pushed a cocktail stick through the top of the fondant. This will help secure the head to the body later. I used the palms of my hand to roll the fondant back and forth to create a smooth finish.

Then I rolled out two flat disks of brown fondant. I didn’t want to roll it out too thin as these were going to be part of the legs so I wanted it to have some “meat” to it.

Allowing the fondant to rest for a few minutes helps to make the fondant more manageable.


I made some feet with a couple of small balls of fondant, I rolled it out into an oval shape then gently squashed down one side and leaving the other side thicker. I used a scalpel so score some lines which helps to create the look of feet.

img_2317 I stick the legs on to each side of the body, gently tucking the feel underneath the thighs.

I now have the start of the rabbit … what I normally do here is to leave the fondant for about 15 minutes to let the fondant harden before trying to attach the head. The weight of the head can push down on the body and therefore making the body short and stumpy.

For the rabbit’s belly, I rolled out some thin white fondant and cut it into a tear shape. I stuck this onto the front of the belly. Using my fingers I smoothed the edges just to give it a softer look.

The rabbit needs its signature blue jacket …I rolled out some blue fondant and draped it around the body. Using a scalpel knife, I trimmed the jacket just so it sits above the legs. For the collar, I rolled out a little sausage shape of fondant and wrapped it around the top of the body.

For the arms, I rolled out two long pieces of fondant, leaving one side a little thicker and the other side a bit thinner. I attached these to the sides of the body.


For the hands, I simply rolled two balls of fondant and stuck them on the ends of the arms. I attached the arms using a little edible glue, but you can also use a dab of water if you don’t have any edible glue to hand.

For the head, I rolled out a smaller ball of brown fondant and shaped it so that it was a little more oval than round. I made a slight indent where the eyes should be … not too much, just slightly …

I stuck two round circles to bottom of the nose and used a scalpel to cut a “v” shape to give the shape of the nose.


I finished the face by sticking two little balls of black fondant for the eyes and lightly pressing it down … and also using the sharp end of the scalpel, I lightly pricked the white cheeks to give the face a little texture.

I made two ears by rolling out two long oval shapes, then with half a cocktail stick, I wrapped one end of the ear over the cocktail stick. I pressed down firmly to secure the ears in place. This was then carefully stuck in to the top of the head. Once this was done, I placed the whole head on to the top of body. I applied a little edible glue to the bottom of the head to give added staying power.


Almost finished, I simple added two small balls of fondant to the blacks of the eyes and pressed down gently to flatten them. I didn’t want the whites of the eyes to be too big. I did the same with some larger balls for the jacket buttons.

Complete! The rabbit came out great. I left it to dry for a few days to harden before attaching it to the cake. This was the main feature for the cake so it had to look perfect.

The cake itself was quite tall and was so heavy too. I had to get my husband to carry it to the venue. The theme of the cake involved a lot of pastel blues and greens. I made vegetables (such as cabbage, peas and carrots) which went well with the bunting and fencing.

This was my first big bake of the year and what a cake it was! The fun doesn’t stop there … here’s to a busy up and coming weekend!

~ The Cake Lady xxx

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